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Does Air Conditioning Spread Coronavirus? It’s Unlikely

Concerns over whether or not coronavirus could be transmitted through air conditioning started when the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases published an ...

Cooling and Heating Could be the Key to Carbon Neutrality in Europe

Europe has adopted the ambitious goal of becoming the first carbon neutral continent. The European cooling body EPEE has welcomed the news and believes that ...

5 Reasons Why Your Office Needs  Air Conditioning

As a business owner you have to invest in several things that don’t directly create revenue. One such expense is an air conditioning system for the office. You ...

10 Cool Facts About Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a luxury that most people take for granted. They only think about their HVAC unit when the summer kicks in. Air conditioning has greatly ...

What are the RAC Cooling Awards?

The awards help to promote recognition of the achievements of environmental friendliness in the cooling industry and award success in that field. There are ...

Over £400 Portable Air Con Units

*Portable air conditioners simple to install and use *Units have wheels making them easy to move around *Cool down small and large rooms

Portable Air Conditioners Under £399

*Cheap portable air conditioning units *New and second hand appliances *Easy to use just plug it in and switch it on

Window Air Conditioners

*Cheaper to run than wall mounted AC systems *Lower installation cost *Split air systems very powerful

Over £1,000 Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

*Powerful split air systems with high BTU rating *Stay cool in your home or office *Large selection of new and used appliances

Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Under £999

*A permanent cooling solution *Cheap wall mounted air conditioners new and second hand *Split system air con units

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