Why Are More UK Households Installing Air Conditioning?

With technology playing an ever-important and growing role in our society, the idea of air conditioning in more and more homes is definitely not a shock. With the first commercial air conditioning units being produced as early as 1902, and even the cooling idea dating back as far as the 2nd Century, it is something that the majority of us are at least familiar with.

What Does Air Conditioning actually do?

Air conditioning is essentially the process of removing any heat and moisture in a room or space. It does this by using temperature to regulate the flow of fresh air and purify circulated air. Typically, air con is used to regulate the temperature and remove any humidity and moisture in the air in certain buildings such as Zoos, computer rooms, and even delicate art.

Air Conditioning to Control Temperature

A lot of the time, when we think about air conditioning, we think of the hotter countries with air-con in their homes and shops. We think of air-con almost instantly as a cooling tool, even though conditioning is in the name. But, in most cases, air con is typically used as a cooler, for example, in vehicles, the A/C will come out cold.

The Importance of Air Purification

However, while the temperature aspect of an air conditioning unit is still important, the purification of the air is just as significant. There are many ways an air conditioning unit is able to purify your air. Below we will go through some of the aspects of ➢ Manage air pollutants Everyday home pollutants, such as smoking, cooking, cleaning, paint, gas and mold. ➢ Control animal dander Dander is just the shedding of flecks of excess skin or fur. This can trigger allergies and asthma sufferers. ➢ Control allergies Hayfever and other allergies, which typically are a summer ailment due to high pollen count of flowers, can also be exacerbated but poor quality air regardless of the time of year. ➢ Help improve health Of course, a clean air supply is obviously imperative for health. ➢ Control outside elements Certain harmful elements may make their way into your home from outside, such as any dangerous bacteria, fungi, dirt and grime.

Air Con in The UK

With global warming reaching alarming levels in recent years, we all realise that means a lot colder Winters and even hotter Summers. With the increase of the Earth’s temperature, history has shown that the ten hottest days on English record have all been in the past twenty years alone. Now that our Summers are hotter than ever, this means people are desperate to cool their homes efficiently. But another big factor in the increase of UK installed units is using air con as a preventative measure. With the increase of temperature globally, more and more ‘heat-stroke’ related deaths are occurring each year. There has also been a growing number of modern homes with already built-in air conditioning. However, statistics were released which state that in 2018, the amount of air con units sold in Europe, increased a huge 11% to more than 8.4 million, 200,000 of which were solely for the UK.
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