5 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Air Conditioning

As a business owner you have to invest in several things that don’t directly create revenue. One such expense is a wall mounted air conditioning system for the office. You might be wondering what good air conditioning is if it isn’t creating revenue. Here are five reasons why your office needs air conditioning.

Less Wasted Working Hours

Several studies have shown that people work less when they are overheated. Employees would waste an average of an hour of working time due to being overheated. That’s the average, meaning it can be more. Having a split system air conditioning unit in your office reduces how much time people waste at work by keeping them cool, which is one good reason to have it.

Better Employee Health

As a business owner, the health and wellbeing of employees should be a major concern for you. If employees are healthy, they are less likely to take time off or cause medical expenses. That means greater productivity and retention for you. Installing wall mounted air conditioning in an office creates a healthy environment for people while also making it harder for bacteria and germs to survive. Everyone wins.

Customers Feel Better

Having air conditioning in the workplace benefits more than just employees. It also means that customers and clients are happy too. You’ll have people coming to the office without a second thought if they know it’s cool there. That means that you’ll have more customers inside the office and thus your likelihood of making a sale (and a profit) is increased. A comfortable office makes a good impression and improves growth prospects.

More Efficient Workforce

Not only does split system air conditioning give employees the energy they need to work hard, but it also helps them work smarter. It’s a fact that people who are in a comfortable, properly air-conditioned environment are less likely to make mistakes. A comfortable and cool office can also improve employee concentration and empower them to do things they wouldn’t be able to do in a poorly conditioned office.

Saves Money

One reason business owners don’t install air conditioning is that they see it as an unnecessary expense, especially with the added costs of keeping the power on. A wall mounted air conditioning system does indeed consume more power than traditional fans, but AC offers better savings in the long run. One air conditioning unit can do the work of several fans. So while fans might sound like a good idea, you could get a lot more for a lot less with air conditioning. Not to mention they pay for themselves in increased productivity and worker retention.


There are more benefits to having a air conditioning system in your office than the points mentioned above. What air conditioning does for your business can depend on the business. If you haven’t already got air conditioning installed in your office, then what are you waiting for? A properly maintained AC unit means happy and healthy workers and customers, increased productivity, and better savings over other cooling options.

Mary Young

Mary Young

Journalist and environmental campaigner who religiously believes in the power of collective people.

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