Over £400 Portable Air Con Units

If you want a simple and versatile way to keep a room cool, or you don’t have the room for a full size air con unit, then you should consider a portable air conditioner. These mobile air conditioner units are super simple to install and use. All they need is a venting hose to remove the warm air. These units tend to have wheels so they are easy to move around and use as and when you need. The main thing to consider with a portable air conditioner is the size of the room. The more room you need to cool, the more expensive the portable air conditioner will be. We have a wide selection of portable air conditioners to keep large rooms cool and comfortable.

portable air con unit
❄️❄️ CIAT Air Conditioner / Air Con Portable 12000 BTU / COOLING...
Meaco 9000 BTU Portable Air Conditioning Heating Dehumidifier
Prem-i-Air 12000 BTU Portable Air Con Conditioner Unit - Wifi & Remote...
❄️ 3.5kw Portable Air Conditioning Unit - Aspen Xtra 12000 Btu -...
Portable Air Conditioning Unit 12000btu 3.5kw mobile 5 year warranty 
Air Conditioner Portable Conditioning Unit 12000 BTU 4 in1 Dehumidifier Energy A
ASPEN 3.5kw Portable Air Conditioning Unit Cooling only FREE DELIVERY
Portable Air Conditioner Conditioning Unit 3in1 10000BTU 2.3kW Efficient Remote
Portable Mobile Air Conditioner 9000BTU
Ultra quiet portable air conditioner BRAND NEW! Only 43dB!
Daewoo Portable Air Conditioning Unit Home 3-in-1 Fan Dehumidifier Conditioner
Portable Air Conditioning KYR-35GW/AG 12000btu Air Conditioning Centre
KYR-35GW/X1c Portable Air Conditioner & Heater 12000BTU WiFi Enabled
delonghi portable air conditioner
Igenix IG9906 Portable Air Conditioner, Cooling Fan, Heater & Dehumidifier, 1200
Aeg Portable Air Conditioner
Airrex HSC-2500 Heavy Duty Portable Air Conditioner Unit 21K BTU Re Gassed
Airrex HSC-2500 Heavy Duty Portable Air Conditioner/Conditioning Unit 21K BTU
Prem-I-Air 9000BTU Per Hour Mobile Portable Air Con Conditioner + Remote Control

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