What are the RAC Cooling Awards?

It’s that time of year again; the RAC Cooling Awards are open for nominations and the winners will be announced later in the year. The RAC Cooling Awards were designed to help recognize and celebrate the environmental awareness and achievements of the cooling industry.

The categories for the awards celebrate projects and products, individual achievements, team achievements, and more – all underscored by a dedication to reducing the environmental impact of the cooling industry.

The History of the RAC Cooling Awards

The awards are named for their founder, RAC Magazine, who launched the awards in 2004. The inaugural ceremony took place in September of 2004 and was met with a lot of praise and success. For the next decade-plus, the awards have continued to become the symbol of excellence and environmental-friendliness for not just the cooling industry, but also the wider world.

The awards help to promote recognition of the achievements of environmental friendliness in the cooling industry and award success in that field. There are many challenges facing the cooling industry, with air conditioning and refrigeration accounting for about 20% of the national power grid. It’s up to the industry to meet that challenge head on and create more efficient units. The awards were created to recognize that need and celebrate and award the individuals and companies that meet that challenge.

Everything comes to a head with the results announced at a gala event held in London.

Tips for Success

With so many individuals and companies entering the awards in over a dozen categories, here are some tips on how to stand out and achieve success at the RAC Cooling Awards;

Always be prepared. Read through the criteria for the award thoroughly and put together a solid entry for the category.

Don’t be afraid to enter the awards for multiple categories – entry is free so it’s up to you how many awards you go for. Just be sure your entry meets the criteria for your chosen categories.

Keep in mind there will be a face-to-face round where you will have to pitch the entry to the judges. Think about the areas of your entry you should highlight to judges. What makes what you’ve done stand out?

Set out clear and concise benefits for your entry.

Be careful with attachments. You can – and should – attach documents to your entry to support it but you should only submit useful information to better help judges understand your entry. Any elements of an entry have to be included within the 1,000 “pitch” for the entry though.

Don’t just make baseless claims. Back up what you say with evidence. Judges want to see entries with good data attached to them. With brand new products, you can include projections or estimates.


The RAC Cooling Awards are designed to celebrate and recognize a drive towards a more sustainable cooling industry. Companies from across the industry are urged to get their submissions in as the awards are completely free to enter.

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