Is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Technology the Best HVAC For Working From Home?

With people around the country still feeling the effects of the pandemic, most people are going to continue working from home for a while yet. While there are several benefits to working from home, having to keep your home heated or cooled is one of the biggest downsides. It can add a zero or two – if not three – to your heating bill. It’s important you find ways to keep your home at the right temperature without having to worry about breaking the bank.

There are plenty of ways to keep your home warm with electric, gas, and portable heating options. These options keep your home nice and warm as the temperatures start to dip. However, reverse cycle air conditioning could be much better for you, your home, and your electricity bill in the long-run.

Gas heating was once the cheapest way to keep a home warm. The most recent data suggests that reverse cycle air conditioning has started to overtake it as the more energy-efficient and cost-effective option for home heating. One benefit is that you can use the same system to stay cool during the summer. A gas heater isn’t going to do you much good there. With that in mind, making the switch becomes a no-brainer.

How Does Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Work?

Reverse cycle air conditioners are powered by heat pump technology. This technology allows the systems to take heat from the ambient air and move it around the house for heating or flush it outside for cooling.

As these systems rely on ambient heat over electric or gas heaters that create and supply their own heat, they use much less energy and are therefore more cost-efficient compared to other heating solutions.

The Initial Cost

The initial cost is one area where reverse cycle conditioning falls behind other options. While the system will save you money over time and is more cost-and-energy-efficient, it does come with a greater initial cost than a gas heater. Portable heaters are even cheaper than that.

We recommend you check the market to find a system that suits your needs, but keep in mind that older systems are less efficient and cost more to keep running than new models, even if they have a higher initial price tag. A new system isn’t always necessarily better, but it’s often cheaper to keep running.

You can find HVAC systems for between a few hundred and a few thousand pounds. Think carefully about what you need and what works best for you and your home before investing in an air conditioner so you don’t regret the purchase.

Is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Best For Everyone?

Reverse cycle air conditioning is a great option, but might not be the best solution for you. Keep in mind that the systems do pay for themselves over time with savings, but not everyone can afford that initial purchase. Shop around and see if you can’t find a more energy-efficient gas or electric model if you don’t want to invest in reverse cycle air conditioning.

Steven Cooper

Steven Cooper

Refrigeration and air conditioning engineer with over thirty years hands on experience.

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