Things You Should Know About Your AC Unit

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There are many individuals who don’t quite understand how their air con system works, despite the fact that this could actually help to save time, money and hassle. By having even a basic understanding of your AC, you’re likely to have a couple of ideas about what you can do to better maintain it.

If you’re someone who doesn’t know the first thing about air conditioning devices, that’s okay. Why not check out the following information; it might prove to be useful, should you need it.

You need to clean your compressor regularly

Since this is the part of the machine that’s located outside, it can often be a good idea to take the time to keep it clean. Weekly checks can be the most suitable, although it is generally best to also give them a clean after bad weather (particularly wind and storms). Make sure that there isn’t any debris lodged in the devices fins, as this can have an effect on how well it runs. Also, there should be 2 feet of space around all sides, so it might be worth cleaning around it too.

The filters need to be changed and cleaned

The filter can usually be found somewhere in your unit indoors, and it’s crucial for the device’s ability to properly purify the air and remove any particles before they can make their way into your home. It’s typically best for them to be changed every month if they’re smaller (1”), although it’s worth noting that larger ones (like those that are 4-5”, for example) may only need to be changed every half a year, or even once every 12 months.

Put as little stress on the machine as possible

If you want your AC technology to last, as well as save money, it’s often best to do whatever you can to help cool down your house so that your air con unit isn’t doing all the work alone. You can for example close all the curtains and blinds on the west side of your house during the day in summer to help prevent your home from heating up, or use fans to help circulate air and cool you off. While you can certainly use your air conditioning, just remember to avoid overusing it and you should be fine.

Regular maintenance can be important

Taking care of your AC in general is something that can be vital to its overall performance, and while there are a few things that you can do to keep it clean and healthy, hiring an expert to check your units once a year or so can be a great idea to keep them in optimum shape. In general, a professional will be able to spot any issues before they become major problems and overall understand the different electronic components that you don’t. As you can see, you don’t really have to be an expert on AC technology to be able to keep your unit running smoothly. All it takes is a little knowledge, work and professional care from time to time.
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