Over £1,000 Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

A wall mounted air conditioner offers a more permanent cooling solution for the parts of your home that aren’t connected to the central heating. There’s a lot of variety to choose from with a split air conditioner, such as our selection of split system air con units over £1,000. The most important thing to consider with a wall mounted air conditioner is the BTU rating. The BTU rating is a measurement of how efficiently the split air conditioner can cool down a room. A BTU rating of 8,000 is good for a small room, while a large area would need something like 18,000 BTU. Look through our selection to find the AC for your needs.

14,000 BTU through the Wall Air Conditioner, Cool Only, 208/230V
UET08A11A Smart Thru-The-Wall Air Conditioner with 8000 Cooling BTU Capacity, 42
Air Conditioning Olimpia Splendid Unico Inverter Art 12 HP Cva 02120
UE08D11D Uni-Fit Thru-The-Wall Air Conditioner 3850 BTU Heat, 8000 BTU Cool, 115
Climate Control Air Conditioner COMFEE Model SIRIUS-9 9000 Btu Gas R 32
Climate Control Air Conditioner COMFEE Model SIRIUS-12 12000 Btu Gas R 32
Air Conditioner Inverter HISENSE NEW COMFORT 2020 R32 9000 Btu IN
Air Conditioner Inverter Samsung Mod.maldives Quantum 12000 Thine Cown

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